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Changes EmBitz 1.11 - Public download
CRC-32: 341eae57
  MD4: 7fff54916895cba9778912ce39bc432a
  MD5: 6b4f0301a6d42614995bd101accddfab
SHA-1: 66abdb8d2732f98d04c8a90161962960996ab5cd

- Solved Crashing bug Membership plugin

Changes EmBitz 1.10
- Fix: Ticket#248 - bug in system_stm32l0xx.c
- Fix: Ticket#251 - 'U' update watch on running target is broken
- Fix: Ticket#254 - CMSIS headers are missing from 5.4 toolchain
- Fix: Ticket#255 - EBmonitor plugin needs to reset variables on start debug session
- Add: Ticket#256 - Membership plugin - Needed for e.g. online SVD files
- Fix: Ticket#259 - Debugger is out of sync sometimes after break
- Fix: Ticket#260 - EBmonitor low level are "weak" instead of mandatory
- Fix: Ticket#262 - EBmonitor for fpu targets is missing flags
- Add: Ticket#263 - Add user field for min selected characters before highlite
- Add: Ticket#264 - Hook debugger on running target without breaking
- Fix: Ticket#265 - Floating point decimals in CPU windows broken

Changes EmBitz 1.00
- Change: Toolchain 5.4
- Add: EB monitor - stdin/stdout interface with the add of live variables
- Lof of bug fixes.

Below previous EmBlocks version before the name change to EmBitz

Changes 2.30
- Add: Ticket#171 - EIX (Emblocks Intermediate Exchange) importer plugin with support
- Add: Ticket#172 - Upgrade ARM libraries to newlib_nano-2.1 and newlib-2.0.1 (last 4.7.3 release)
- Add: Ticket#165 - STlinkGDB STM32F042C6 (ID 0x445) support
- Bugfix: Ticket#163 - DragScroll plugin is not loaded (Version 2.x >)
- Bugfix: Ticket#169 - Compile report would not be created if the output directory contains space character
- Bugfix: Ticket#170 - ARM Keil RlView Compiler C++ files skipped
- Minor fixes and changes.

Changes 2.20
- Add: Ticket#151 - STLinkGDB - no support for STM32F3xx with MCU device ID code 439
- Add: Ticket#153 - Live data with STlink and openOCD (openOCD is included)
- Add: Ticket#157 - Update CoIDE project database to 1.7.7
- Add: Ticket#158 - STM32L0xx ( Coretex-M0+) support
- Add: Ticket#159 - Nordic project wizard support with SoftDevice integration
- Bugfix: Ticket#150 - Object files can be get cluttered if different levels of source directories are used.
- Bugfix: Ticket#152 - Target is not launched in v2.10 (STM32)
- Bugfix: Ticket#154 - Build log view instead of Build messages with failing build
- Bugfix: Ticket#155 - STM32F40x memory template for flash has wrong size.
- Lot of minor fixes and changes.

Changes 2.10
- Mod: Ticket#149 - Saving the object files in a directory structure equal to the sources.
- Add: Ticket#140 - Sophisticated Crash report system
- Add: Ticket#139 - Macro replacement support in the debugger interface scripts  
- Bugfix: Ticket#136 - STM32F4 with CAN not recognized by STlinkGDB  
- Bugfix: Ticket#138 - Semihost enabled with newlib's does give old_link spec error
- Bugfix: Ticket#141 - EmBlocks can't handle UNC names (Network shares)
- Bugfix: Ticket#143 - Warnings with note: become errors (EB bare metal)
- Bugfix: Ticket#145 - Output file can't be set or changed when custom makefile option is active
- Bugfix: Ticket#146 - STM32F303CC, F303RC and F303VC missing CCRAM in ld script
- Bugfix: Ticket#148 - Output file name with spaces isn't debuggable  

Changes 2.00
- Mod: GDB 7.7 is now used as debugger version
- Mod: Mspdebug version 0.22
- Add: Ticket#27 - 'Add watch ' from Symbol browser
- Add: Ticket#47 - Having an editor option which restricts source editing in a debug session
- Add: Ticket#105 - Editing Watch value does not bring the current value
- Add: Ticket#106 - Copy name or value from watches to clipboard.
- Add: Ticket#107 - OpenOCD debugger interface settings script
- Add: Ticket#108 - FreeRTOS debugger plugin
- Add: Ticket#122 - Tab size and indent size independent settable.
- Add: Ticket#127 - data breakpoint on absolute address
- Bugfix: Ticket#104 - Wrong startup_stm32f30x.S file
- Bugfix: Ticket#110 - Paths to header files in the project manager are not passed to gcc
- Bugfix: Ticket#112 - Wizard ST is using old SPL instead of the latest 1.3
- Bugfix: Ticket#115 - Per file build options does not save all targets in project file
- Bugfix: Ticket#116 - STM32F4 wizard have several issues
- Bugfix: Ticket#117 - Unreachable breakpoint (source doesn't exist) crashes GDB with a JLink
- Bugfix: Ticket#119 - Spell checker path not updated after update
- Bugfix: Ticket#121 - Live Vartip's can cause EB crash
- Bugfix: Ticket#125 - Debug interface options are not duplicated while duplicating a build config

Changes 1.45
- Add: STM32L152RE and STM32F401RE to the project wizard
- Add: STlinkGDB device selection (multiple debug instances EmBlocks)
- Ticket#90 - possibility to change error or debug line color option
- Ticket#91 - Sometimes debugger doesn't find source code at break
- Ticket#92 - Open last workspace only works on default and not on saved workspaces
- Ticket#93 - Support "Connect under reset" STlinkGDB
- Ticket#94 - Blank STM32L1 device wont flash
- Ticket#95 - Closing a project in a multiproject workspace causes all editor windows close
- Ticket#96 - Build File options not copied when duplicating targets
- Ticket#97 - EFM32 new project wizard with semihost is not compilable
- Ticket#99 - STM32F30x Startup File (startup_stm32f30x.s) Supplied by the Wizard causes HardFault Exception
- Ticket#100 - EFM32 wizard specifies EFM32ZeroGecko parts as Cortex M0
- Ticket#102 - STLinkGDB does not support STLink/V2-1 (The one with the Nucleo Boards)
- Lot of minor fixes

Changes 1.44
- Add: STmicro wizard Standard Peripheral Library setup.
- Mod: CoIDE project importer database update to V1.7.6
- Mod: The EnergyMicro SVD files are removed, please use repository plugin
- Ticket#23 - Dereferenced null pointer causes memory leak and crash
- Ticket#82 - Closing STLinkGDB with an unresponsive STLink crashes EmBlocks
- Ticket#83 - Deref / reref of watch pointer variables doesn't work as should
- Ticket#86 - Adding or Editing Watch Variable without an inactive Debug context crashes EmBlocks
- Ticket#87 - GDB prints Octal ('\nnn') after every char, hexadecimal is for most of us more practical.
All the octal is replaced by hex notation.
- Ticket#88 - The watches dialog sometimes hangs and consumes a lot of memory
- Ticket#89 - Jlink is working unreliable, single step etc. (instruction simulation)

Changes 1.43
- Add: Atmel project wizard
- Add: Vartip base can be selected (Auto, Hex, decimal, binary etc)
- Mod: STmicro project wizard with device level
- Ticket#74 - Library in root project not found (GCC Linker)
- Ticket#76 - Buttons in script security window are not visible
- Ticket#80 - Debugger hotkeys not working if mouse-over variable is active
- Ticket#81 - Annoying dialog "Stop debug session" is default to NO.
- Minor bug fixes

Changes 1.42
- Ticket#64 - The SVD "bitRangeLsbMsbStyle" is not supported
- Ticket#65 - "Save Everything" does not save watch variables
- Ticket#66 - CoIDE project importer plugin
- Ticket#67 - STLinkGDB skips 2 bytes after Ram breakpoint
- Ticket#69 - SVD repository debugger plugin
- Ticket#70 - Breakpoints loaded from session file not visible opened files
- Ticket#71 - Breakpoints from session file aren't removed on project close
- Lot of minor bug fixes

Changes 1.41
- Ticket#52 - STLinkGDB does not work
- Ticket#53 - Making Consolas or DejaVu Mono Sans the default font
- Ticket#54 - Watch view shows #type in variable names
- Ticket#55 - On "CPU Registers" xPSR register ISR field shows incorrect value
- Ticket#56 - GDB (and then Em::Blocks) crashes when trying to single-step over
  (CMSIS __BKPT(0))
- Ticket#57 - EmBlocks short-cut "Navigate to last edited location"
- Ticket#58 - Projects with Virtual targets are not usable after reloading
  (EmBlocks crash)
- Ticket#59 - New file editors uses code styling within preprocessor even the property is disabled
- Ticket#60 - Emblock crashes and slows down my computer after hours
- Ticket#61 - After project open the symbol parser is not started

Changes 1.40
-Add: MSP430 wizard and Mspdebug support ( Ticket#14)
-Add: Watch view variable members type tooltip
-Add: Watch view variable members dereference pointers
-Add:  Extra options: -Wdouble-promotion -fsingle-precision-constant -mno-unaligned-access  (Ticket#38)
-Add:  FPCA bit field to CONTROL register (Cortex-M4 CPU Registers)  (Ticket#41)
-Add:  GDB times out - "set remotetimeout" implementation  (Ticket#43)
-Fix: Timer pointer crash windows XP (Ticket#34)
-Fix: FileDiff can't handle accents (Ticket#35)
-Fix: Array indexes are not shown correctly with repeating items in Watches view  (Ticket#37)
-Fix: GDB (and then Em::Blocks) crashes when adding too many breakpoints  (Ticket#40)
-Fix:  Cortex-M4 floating-point registers display incorrect values on CPU registers window  (Ticket#42)
-Fix:  Breakpoints are not preserved between EmBlocks sessions  (Ticket#46)
-Fix:  __STACK_SIZE and __HEAP_SIZE are not working in linker scripts (Ticket#49 )
-Fix:  GUI layout direction is not fixed to LTR  (Ticket#50)
-Fix:  Using C style comment while creating header files (Ticket#51)

Changes 1.31 (maintenance release 1.30)
-Add: More reset strategies for STLink. (System, Core, Jtag-pin) ( Ticket#30)
-New STlink debugger interface script
-Fix: Right click menu does not shown in correct location in Watches view (Ticket#16)
-Fix: Using hotkey 'L' within Watches view causes EmBlocks crash without any recovery chance. ( Ticket#17)
-Fix: deleting the last variable in the watch window crashes EmBlocks ( Ticket#19)
-Fix: Dereferenced null pointer causes memory leak and crash ( Ticket#23)
-Fix: Removing a breakpoint from Breakpoints View removes multiple rows (Ticket#29)
-Fix: Breakpoint on running target with watches active rings bell. (Ticket#31)
-Fix: Manually value changes of watches aren't visible in memory or registers. (Ticket#32)

Changes 1.30
- Live watch variables ( 'L' ive and 'U' pdate as shortcuts)
- Compiler options on file level
- Debug session saving in <project>.eds file (option)
- GDB 7.6 as debugger (fixes macro loop -g3 )
- STLinkGDB supports F429/F439
- Fix: EmBlocks Bare-metal size reports
- Fix: Long time before mixed mode assembler view is loaded
- Fix: Switch frame in callstack is working ( 'alt-' mouse click)
- Fix: Crash new project while debug session is active
- Fix: Adding watches dialog appears after OK.
- Fix: Debugger memory window first line without address field

Changes 1.21 (maintenance release 1.20)
- Fix: Auto-build debugger function wasn't working correct
- Fix: Project-level pre- & post mode wasn't restored
- Fix: Assembler full listing 'i' option removed
- Add:  Multiple selection project-file remove (DEL and context menu)
- Add:  "Language standard" compiler category EmBlocks bare-metal
- Add: Project property "Force lower case object file names"
Default checked for backward compatibility
- Mod: Debug option -g3 (max debug info which can give unstable GDB)

Changes Release 1.20  :
- Semihosting as library option for EmBlocks Bare-metal ARM
- Semihosting checkbox in debug interfaces JLink and STlink
- Live data implemented on memory watch and debugger variable tooltip.
- New STlinkGDB server with live data and semihosting support
- Syntax highlight on GNU linker scripts
- Yagarto toolchain replaced by Generic GCC (Yagarto project is cancelled)
- Device list updated for JLinks
- STmicro project wizard is changed so that the debug interfaces are preconfigured at the beginning.
- Breakpoint on-the-fly is now working
- Run to main() is working smoothly
- Pre-compiled headers is supported
- File manager plugin added to the installation package
- EnergyMicro project wizard is using the preinstalled header files from EM instead of copying all the files with the wizard.
- Project wizard can also use ZIP archive as template storage.
- Bug fix STmicro project wizard
- Bug fix EnergyMicro project wizard
- and a lot of minor fixes.

Changes Release 1.11  (maintenance version) :
- Bug in SVD xml reader solved, comma separated dimIndices was not working. The ';' was as separator defined instead of  ', ' (older revisions version 1.0). 
- Bug removed that EmBlocks crashes on double click SVD error message.
- Bug removed from highlighting preprocessor parser.
- Bug removed from tab-switch. If the tooltip was active on a tab (showing the directory info for the particular file) during tab switch, the mouse control was lost for that editor page.
- Debugger context menu-item "Watch (symbol) in memory" added.
- Multiple file selections possible for drag&drop into virtual folders.
- STmicro project wizard is changed so that the debug interfaces are preconfigured at the beginning.
- EnergyMicro project wizard is using the preinstalled header files from EM instead of copying all the files with the wizard.
- Project wizard uses now zip archives for template storage, this will keep the needed storage space on HardDisk low.
- The installer has now options which project wizard templates must be installed.
- The option to enlarge the toolbar icons (22pix instead of 16 pix) is removed. This is more maintainable and makes the code more consistent.  
- There is now an Update Available dialog (which can be switched off) for update notification. EmBlocks uses RSS to as the communication channel.
- "Nassi Schneiderman" plugin removed from install package. (no added value)
- Examples removed from installer. These are now available on the website for download.

Changes Release 1.10  :
- SVD system viewer added to the debugger
-       Option to save debugger options in separate file instead of in the project file. If you are working with project files under source control then it's still possible to use different debugger options.
- Shortcuts are changed conform the uVision style. For the debugger there are only single key combinations. The shortcuts can always be changed with the keybinder plugin.
- Energy Micro support added, SVD files are in the install package.
- STmicro wizard bug resolved
- wxWidgets library updated with some additional features
- The Segger's JLink settings are extended with cache exclusion settings (EEProm emulation in flash can be debugged now)
- The project wizards are modified to remove dead code in release targets
- A lot of minor fixes.

Changes Release 1.01  :
- ToolTips on device settings panel
- The "Add watch" option at the editor context menu is launching a dialog instead of just adding.
- Memory watch scrolling is further enhanced

Changes Release 1.00 (Initial release):
- Templates for the ARM (STmicro & NXP)
- STmicro GDB server skip flashing unchanged sectors.
- STmicro GDB server added special monitor functions.
- Emblocks bare-metal ARM GCC added -spec-default for consistent project building.

Changes Beta 2.32 (Debugger service release):
- Fatal Assert solved m_pDebugger != NULL
  • This assert was triggered if the perspective saving message was shown and the GDB server terminated because of connection failure.
- On Auto-rebuild at debug the debug session was started twice if GDB had a connection failure.

Changes Beta 2.31 (STM support release):
- Only the install package is different compared to RC2
- STlink (STmicro) GDB server added
  •  * This GDB supports FLASH/RAM execution with reset  * Pre-installed and without special libraries
- STM32F4 Discovery click&run example added (Blinky flash/ram)

Changes Beta 2.30 (RC2):
- EmBlocks Embedded ARM compiler added with:
  •  * Optimized Newlib for speed and size & Nano lib selectable at linker config panel  * Unwind functions removed from libraries
- Examples are using the EmBlocks compiler as default.
- New menu handler with transparency
- "Build file" & "Build options"  toolbar option added
- Debugger start & step into instruction added to debugger toolbar
- A lot of asserts are solved during an extensive debug run.
- Debugger disassemble context menu added (disassemble from position)
- etc

Changes Beta 2.20 (RC1):
- MplabX project importer
- EmBlocks debuggers upgraded to GDB 7.5.1
- Tab control is finished ( "Close Tab group" added)
- Inherited Code::blocks heap leakage fixed
- Bug remove menu status bar text from wxWidgets  
- Bug remove project manager (tooltip on editor tabs)
- Additional events added to wxWidgets to increase em::blocks speed
- CodeCompletion has higher priority than  editor tooltip
- XC32 and XC30 toolchain added to Mplab8 loader
- C32 compiler has global legacy lib option
- C30 compiler has CodeGuard tab
- Debugger disassembly has an optional address field
- Enhanced debug memory watch (hex,dec & char,  8, 16 &32 etc)
- Bug removed mixed mode disassembly following PC
- Bug repair debugger  rebuild before start
- a lot of minor changes...

Changes Beta 2.10 (X-mas version):
- Mixed mode view in disassembler
- Bug repair  uVision loader.
- Bug repair debugger stop at rebuild
- Bug removed at variable inspect debugger (spaces in variable name)
- Option  Line colouring of error lines in editor
- RSS reader timer removed (only at page load).
- Some cleaning..

Changes Beta 2.00:
- The first version with the EmBlocks GDB debugger (Example projects included)
- ARM, AVR and MIPS EmBlocks GDBs debuggers included.
- uVision loader is updated. If there is no explicit scatter file in the project the default scatter file name is used (.sct) as uVision does.
- Em::Blocks will always produce lower case object files.
- Library is enhanced so that Icons are possible in context menu. The debugger is mostly using this feature but the editor will follow.
- Device tab will show inherited options.
- A lot of internal code cleaning...

Changes Beta V1.80:
- The statusbar is changed from default windows to custom.  Beta 1.70 had crashes at certain systems (e.g. windows 7 x64) due to device context errors.
- The tab control is updated so that choosing a file directly from the project manager will focus corresponding tab.
-       The plugin resource manager is enhanced, auto generate non-highlighted bitmaps.
-       The global compiler settings are in the Settings->Tools....
       The debugger settings and user defined tools settings are also placed under this menu later on.      

Changes Beta V1.70:
- New plugin engine (the plugins are now responsible for all the resources).
- A new editor tab is placed on the left side so that it is always visible (like VS2010)
- Bug fix: Slower systems could have an exception error at shutdown. (code:completion race cond.)
-      A lot of code cleaning to make the code more consistent.  

Changes Beta V1.60:
- The AVR GCC toolchain is added (with MHV compiler detection)
- AVR assembler syntax highlighting  
- Native Atmel Studio 6 workspace(.atsln)/projects(.cproj)  loading with drag&drop
- File manager plugin is removed from the package
- File Diff viewer  plugin is added to the package

Changes Beta V1.51:
- The disabled toolbar icons are blended into the background (V1.50 was only grayed which was too hard).
- Scroll tabs or tab list option didn't work correctly.
- Some UI glitches found after 1.50

Changes Beta V1.50:
- Totally new fresh UI styling conform VS2010 (instead of the 17 years old win95 style).
- Yagarto toolchain
- Symbol browser bugs repaired (internal compiler symbols was broken after RL-arm implementation)
- Symbol browser functionality changed (new Compiler symbol search)
- Bugs resolved Widgets library (version 1.2)
- Internal: a lot of code cleaning.  

Changes Beta 1.3:
- Microchip C18 toolchain support added
- Inherited option coloring is enhanced with group coloring/disabling  from upper levels
- CPP/C lexer changed for colored inactive preprocessor  
- Stylinng with in preprocessor option is added to the generic editor options
- Other options tab for the compiler is removed
- Default compiler setting is removed
- Global compiler settings will select the target compiler on focus if any target is active.
- Bug removed StringToString mapping savings.
- __attribute__ is added as a none removable replacement token for the code complation.
- Internal: a lot of code cleaning.  

Changes Beta 1.2:
- Added the Keil RL-Arm compiler support
- Added Keil uVision project loader (.uv4) with drag & drop.
- Coloring of inherited options on options dialog
- Added 'switch-tip' on hovering on options (keep the mouse on a option for a while to see the command switch for that option).
- Added source Navigator plugin with toolbar  (instead of browser tracker)
- Added Cscope functionality with the binaries preinstalled
- Updated emblocks support DLL with enhanced components (needed for the debugger plugin which is not shipped yet).
- Bug fix: Coff/Elf support PIC30 compiler. There is a switch on linker tab to switch between the two output formats.
- A lot of minor bug fixes to make mixed target projects possible in a save manner.

Beta 1.0:
- Toolchain support for Microchip  C30 and C32 compiler
- C30 and C32 assembler syntax highlighting
- Native Microchip project  file (.mcp) loading for C30 and C32 projects (drag-drop)
- Project wizards for Microchip C30 and C32 projects
- Code completion
- Incremental search
- Internal Hex editor
- Doxy blocks
- Spell checker with  en_US dictionary pre-installed
- ToDo list
-       etc