Or should I say, “EmBitz has finally a direction”.

As all of you know, keeping a project like this alive is costing time and money. Without a business model most of the projects like this are not viable. A license business model for EmBlocks is considered in the past and all the technical implications were already solved, there are actually previous versions of EB with the license manager. But with the overwhelming number of free available IDE’s this wasn’t the way to go.

But EB needs some funding to grow and realizing awesome features like: Graphical variable scope i.c with live variables, Sophisticated GDB server with live variables for all silicon vendors and flash breakpoints in conjunction with GDB simulator and off-chip flashing, Real-time profiling with this new GDB server platform, Cmsis-pack plugin and a Linux version. And preferable, the team behind EmBitz should grow! Making this all possible.

Thinking of making this project viable but keep it unique among all the different choices, the idea of a membership was born. A membership that entitles users to get access to online content and support. A membership that also allows tens of thousands of users who are only downloading it but never uses the forum, to support this project as a donating member. A membership is different than a license system in this respect that all the features of the IDE are always full functional.

The new EmBitz versions will have a special plugin where you can store your membership credentials. These credentials are used to retrieve online content such as SVD files or other online content in upcoming plugins like CMSIS-PACK. As soon as this version is released the infrastructure for the old SVD repository plugin will be removed.

Enjoy the new website and don’t hesitate to become an EmBitz member!